Tips From A Rookie Boutique Owner

When I first fantasized about opening LUK Ranch Boutique, I had a lot of expectations about how my first couple of months in business were going to go. I thought some components of the business would be harder and others would be easier to accomplish. What I did not know, was that owning a western boutique takes a lot more gumption than this cowgirl thought it would. So I compiled some tips that I think apply not only to fellow boutique owners but to every person that has a dream and wants that dream to succeed.

1: Set realistic goals and adjust them periodically

Every year I set new goals for myself. I write them out on post-it notes and put them on my vanity mirror. After I crush a goal, the post-it note goes into a jar which I pull out at the end of the year. This year (2019) I had some big goals in all aspects of my life. Like every year, I diligently wrote my goals out and stuck them on my mirror. Time came and went into the year and after doing my makeup in front of that mirror every day, I thought to myself "wow Ash, you really have some steep goals to uphold this year!" Some big changes happened this year and as I was packing up my room I took down those goals and threw away ones I knew I would not be able to uphold. I then wrote "new" goals that I know I can work towards and crush. I think it is important to at first make goals, but then adjust them and know your limits. I do this every session I teach Yoga. I ask my students to close their eyes at the beginning of class and reflect difficulties in their life and find a path to success. I link this to their class everyday because every day they encounter something outside their comfort zone, but they have to find a way to overcome it. You see, everyone will encounter barriers in accomplishing his or her goals. Know this, persevere, and crush them.

2: Some days you feel like quitting altogether, but get up and pull that perseverance out of the bottom of your belly and get to work!

Some days I feel like throwing the towel in on this dream of mine, but I get out of bed and try again. When I first started LUK Ranch Boutique, I had some steep expectations about how this boutique business was going to go. Additionally, I thought with my aggressiveness I could make it happen. Something I struggle with is... Patience! Yes, I always have struggled with patience. I have seen a lot of success in the short eight months this business has been alive. It takes a lot of work and perseverance to keep it going! My advice to other people is don't compare yourself to other businesses. They are too following their walks of life that God has planned for them. Remember that God has a plan for you and you will get there through your trust and diligence in him.

3: Creativity...Without it you are nothing

Creativity and imagination are some of the very pieces of society that have altered and changed the world. Everyone has those dreams and some make those dreams into reality. I have been blessed with a lot of creative juices flowing through my head. However, as of late my constant pace of life has not allowed time for those juices to take root and flower. 

I recommend spending at the very least 30 minutes a day on a walk by yourself or detached from web-connected devices. Reflect on your dreams, and dream of more. The sky is the limit.

4: Get some mentors... It helps a lot!

When I started this business I had a few mentors I reached out to. One being my amazing friend/adopted-grandmother Tina (Owner of Bootique West... if you don't know what that is...find out). Find someone who embodies the same characteristics that you want yourself to have. One thing I have always valued about Tina is her ability to share her testimony with people in the way she upheld herself to her customers and friends. Just because you own a boutique does not mean that you have to be any different than who you were before. It means you can have a big impact on others around you. Tina's spirit has always made me want to be a better person and be like her. I really appreciate the way she has made a name for herself. If you ask anyone, they would say the same.

5: Know your brand and own it

Ok, this is my last tip for the day because the list just goes on and on and... I can't give all my secrets out! When I started LUK Ranch Boutique, I had a vision of representing the way of life many of us share throughout the west and the world. I wanted to accomplish this by creating a mercantile where I could showcase products that other talented strong western woman had created. This has been a vision in the making. Frankly, along the way, I have questioned my vision and compared myself to other boutiques and brands. 

My advice to you all if own your brand. Whether that brand be yourself or a business or something you are very passionate about... own it! What I love about the spirit ( I tend to think LUK Rach is this living thing) or bra

nd of LUK Ranch Boutique is that it embodies the strength and spirit of the STRONG WESTERN WOMAN.

Remember dare to be different.



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