Braving The Cold

It is amazing to me how a shoot can go so flawless even though its 4 degrees outside. The ambiance of this February winter day was better than expected.

In this shoot, Katie is wearing the La'Ramie Turtleneck and the Comanche Crossbody. The look is accessorized with various Navajo Pearls.

This shoot is more than what meets the eye. It embeds the spirit of the west.

Rumor has it a very famous trapper took his last breath in the presence of these mysterious bluffs.
Jacques La Ramee was a famous French-Canadian trapper that is credited with early exploration of the Laramie River that flows through my family's ranch.
Although his gravesite has yet to be found, the adventurous spirit that Jacques manifested into this land and the people that live on it is something that will forever live on.



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