LUK Ranch Brand Rep

JOIN US on our journey to create a line of clothing perfect for the western woman. LUK Ranch embodies the spirit of the true western woman and we want your help in spreading our message and fashion.


- Must have fun, artistic fashion sense and be able to portray your fashion to the world!

- You will have a 6-week contract period. At the end of this period, your sales and effort towards this endeavor will be evaluated. Your effort towards this will be the basis of whether or not your contract is terminated. We hope you have the passion for this brand that we do! 

- Most post a picture on Instagram and Facebook at least twice a month. You must TAG us!!!

- Must purchase an item from us within 2 weeks of repping our brand. Your 1st purchase will be 30% off!

- You will be featured/reposted on our social media. Such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! So be ready to show off those gorgeous faces and your unique fashion sense!

- Your first purchase will be 30% off and each purchase will be the same rate! If you reach $1,200 in sales. Your discount rate will be 40% off the store. 

If you would like to represent LUK Ranch Boutique and have the opportunity to earn FREE clothing and jewelry based on your sales performance and dedication, please follow this link.

Link closes June 10, 2020!